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Patient Participation Group

The Participation group have recently completed a surgery based survey and an overview of their findings can be found here: Patient survey Summer 2017

The practice has a Patient Participation Group (PPG). The PPG acts as a liaison group between you, the patient, and the doctors and management of the practice. It offers advice on matters relating to the administration of the practice to aid the efficient running of the surgery.

The PPG cannot advise on clinical matters or patient complaints.

For further information regarding the PPG please contact the Chairperson Carole Doran at:

Development Plan: Development Plan 2016-17

Patient Survey Summer 2017


Minutes of meetings

PPG Meeting notes 2nd Feb 2017

PPG Meeting notes 6th Oct 2016

PPG Meeting notes 4th August 2016

PPG Meeting notes 2nd June 2016

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

PPG Report 2014/15 (.docx)

Response Summary from PPG Survey – March 2013



% Response

More specific responses

1. Generally, do the opening times of the Practice meet your needs?

Very much


Not at all





2. What time of the day do you prefer to come to the Practice?

Early Morning

Late Morning

Early Afternoon

Late Afternoon

Don’t mind







3. For a routine appt do you wait to see a particular GP or are you happy to see any of the GPs at a time convenient to you?

See a preferred GP

See any GP at a time to suit me





4. Have you contacted the “Out of Hours” doctor within the past 12 months?


Yes, state day of week

Yes, state time of day

Yes, Dr visited at home

Yes, gave telephone advice







Mostly weekends

AM, midday, evening

About Yourself

5. How long have you been a pt at the Practice?



4 yrs

Over 30 yrs

Over 40 yrs

No percentage



6. Are you employed? If yes how far do you travel to work?



3 miles

10 minutes (by car)

22 miles

8 miles

20 minutes

p/t consultant




What are your normal working hrs?


0830-1800 hrs

Shift work




Is it difficult to attend the Practice for appts during the day? If yes:

Responses: yes, sometimes, no, yes if not lunchtime, not if I can get an appt on a day off



7. Are you employed? If not, are you:















8. Approximately how many times would you visit a Dr during a year?


Two to three times

Four to six times

Six to ten times

> 10 times







9. Pse tell us whether you are:



11 or under





















Conclusions from the PPG Survey

March 2013

  1. Response to the survey, 39 replies, was very disappointing. This was probably due to the reliance on emails for publicity and possibly survey fatigue.
  2. The small size of the survey means that any conclusions should be treated with caution.
  3. 36% of respondents do not mind the timing of their appointments. Only 10% of patients prefer late morning or early afternoon appointments. 54% prefer early mornings and late afternoons.
  4. Most, 66%, respondents prefer to be seen by a specific GP.
  5. Most, 88%, patients did not contact the Out of Hours service during this last year.
    The remaining 12% used it at weekends.
  6. Most, 85%, of the respondents who work find it difficult to attend appointments during the working day.

Actions resulting from the PPG Survey

March 2013

  1. The PPG will conduct another survey in the summer interviewing patients in the waiting room and also by using the emails which are on the PRG file. The Practice would also be more proactive in asking patients for their email addresses so that they could be alerted to the surveys.
  2. Question 4 referred to patients wishing to see their usual GP. We try to accommodate these wishes, particularly for routine appointments. However, this cannot always be the case when a patient needs to be seen urgently as it falls to the Duty Doctor to see those patients on the day.
  3. Question 6 related to those patients who were employed and commuted to work. The Practice understood how those patients had difficulty in attending routine appointments during the working day. It was agreed that a notice would be put up in the waiting room and on the website stating that it was the Surgery’s aim to prioritise the routine pre-booked Saturday appointments for patients working away from the area during the week.

Patient Participation Group Survey 2011/12

Local Patient Participation Group Report

a) The PPG Committee consists of 6 members , 4 women and 2 men aged between 40 and 80 years of age who are all registered with the Practice.

b) The Practice is aware that the PPG has no representative between the ages of 18 and 40 and we have contacted certain patients to see if they are willing to serve on the committee we are still awaiting some replies. The Practice and PPG will try to find a younger member but this can be difficult with work commitments.

c) A discussion took place as to the most relevant questions to ask and the Practice asked the PPG to perform a survey.

d) The survey was sent to the virtual group by email asking them to go to Survey Monkey. Other patients were surveyed at the Practice face to face by a member of the PPG.

e) The Practice and the PPG had a meeting to discuss the findings of the survey and jointly produced an action plan.

f) See the Action Plan and Results below.

g) The PPG holds the evidence to support their findings.

h) The details of the results from the survey together with the actions are recorded below.

i) The Surgery core opening hours are from 0800-1830 Monday to Friday inclusive – closed Monday, Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes between 1300 and 1400hrs. Receptionists are available during these opening times for patients to access the various services.

j) The Practice is also open on Saturdays mornings for pre-booked appointments only with a Doctor– the doors are locked and the patient rings for admission.

Action Plan in response to Survey December 2012


70 patients responded to the survey, either by participating in face-to-face conversations, or entering their views through an online survey. The main findings were that:

  1. 42% of patients surveyed usually wait for two weeks to see their own doctor for non-urgent issues
  2. Most patients are unhappy about being able to book an appointment no further than two weeks in advance
  3. Patients feel that the continuity of their care is impaired by not being able to see their own doctor in what they consider to be a reasonable period of time.
  4. Patients are usually easily able to get through to the reception on the telephone
  5. Patients have found it easy to be able to speak to a nurse on the phone
  6. Patients are usually able to be told, on the phone, whether their test results have arrived at the surgery but not what the results have diagnosed but usually have to wait for two weeks to then see their doctor and this often leaves them feeling anxious
  7. Most patients feel informed enough about health issues and use the Internet for advice. Workshops that would be most appreciated were identified as Diabetes, Weight Loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Future Plans

The Doctors discussed these results and made the following recommendations:
(Qns 1 and 2) Appointments: a proportion of each day’s appointments will be bookable for 7, 14 and 21 days in advance thus allowing patients to book up to three week’s ahead.

If Doctors want to see a patient within 28 days he/she will hand the patient a slip of paper during the consultation which can be handed in at the reception desk so that the receptionists will know that they can book within the next 28 days.
All appointments that are required within 24/48 hours will continue to be triaged by the nurse practitioner, and in her absence, by the duty Doctor.

Q3: Continuity of Care: the Doctors understand that patients like to have continuity of care and see the same Doctor when returning for follow up appointments however from time to time this cannot happen due to illness, leave commitments etc. The Doctors would like to reassure patients that every Doctor has access to the patient’s medical record.

Qn 6: Test Results: in future, in order to reduce patient anxiety, Doctors will give a timescale for when they need to see the patient following the result of a blood test.

Minutes Of Meetings

20th November 2012 (.doc)
2nd August 2012 (.doc)

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